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help me find my nickname ~


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Hello, firstly I am just a newbie here.. and not use to the atmosphere. I hope someone can help me and guide me here as my senior . C:

And to go straight to the topic... I want to ask about my nickname in Chinese. Well--- my name is Louise (路易絲), and my nickname is Ayel or sometimes people call me Yeng. But i want to know the Chinese character for either one or both of them. I really have no idea. And I hope someone could help me here. Thank you very much ^^"

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Please take a look at this post, especially the links in part 3 for why your question doesn't really have a good answer.

That said, there are a lot of characters that sound similar to "yeng". You can take a look at all the characters that are pronounced yang or ying or yong, and find some that you feel are appropriate for you. Then post again for opinions on whether that would make a good sounding name.

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There is no "yeng" sound in Mandarin Chinese. Not sure about other dialects. "yang" or "ying" are the closest you're going to get.

Similarly, it's impossible to write "ayel" correctly. Ai-er is the closest you're likely to get, with "er" sounding like "ar".

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Jbradfor,.. thx a lot for the link., its really embarrassing that my question doesn't have an answer.. but thanks for that ^.^ I'm sorry.

Renzhe yep, that's what i realised too.. (:

Doraemon hehe, first...i'm a doraemon lover :rolleyes: . Anyways., thanks for that, but actually only teachers are calling me Louise, and the rest... they would call me Yeng, or Ayel.Well, I tried and I found some characters which I want to ask if it's all good to use or not. It's this ---> '藹尓'. But the thing is when i came to translate it it gave me another meaning... which is 'Ai Mi'.Is it alright if i just ignore the translation because all i need is the character that will sound like my name if pronounced ? Thank you for helping.

Thanks all of you for helping me . I think i'm the dumbest human on earth without your helps.

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