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full disclosure: I work for Live the Language

this thread is for information, courses, discussion about the Tianjin branch of Live the Language Mandarin School.

the Basics:

Location: Tianjin

webpage: www.livethelanguage.cn (for both our Beijing and Tianjin schools)

email: [email protected]

Tianjin Hotline: 4007065883 (all calls from Tianjin are free)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/livethelanguage (for both our Beijing and Tianjin schools)

Teachers: All graduates of 对外汉语 (translates roughly into "BSc Teaching Chinese to Foreigners")

Live the Language Tianjin is a full subsidiary of Live the Language Beijing and works along the same lines. Only full time teachers. Only graduates of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. All courses individualised to each student. We also offer 3 hours of free language class in Tianjin to try us out to anyone interested (just call/email).

I honestly do think that this is currently the best option for studying in Tianjin if you cannot/do not want to go to a one of the big Universities. The same flexibility and quality you get in Beijing, offered in Tianjin (just for a bit less money), though I probably should be considered a bit biased as I work for them.

Alright, this time I cleared the post with the Admin before doing it, so I hope there are no problems there wink.gif

LtL Learn Chinese while working in Tianjin.pdf

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updates regarding Live the Language Mandarin School programs in Tianjin and Beijing.

Rapid Progress: Holiday Program in Tianjin or Beijing (home stay, full immersion services and one on one chinese classes for a few weeks of intensive study).

Work / Volunteer Experience China: Study Chinese and do an Internship / Volunteering Program in Tianjin or Beijing (5 month internship, chinese language classes, one month home stay and full immersion services, program lenghts: 6 months).

Work / Volunteer Full Fluency: One full Semester of Chinese, followed by working for 6 months in a full Chinese Language environment (One Semester Chinese, 6 months internship, one month home stay and full imersion services, program length: one year).

Chinese Uni Style EXTRA: Study Chinese Uni style, just with smaller groups, fully motivated teachers plus full service with airport pick up (one semester Chinese and full immersion services).

More details with prices and starting dates in the attached pdf files. Any questions email us on [email protected]

Rapid Progress.pdf

WorkVolunteer Experience China.pdf

WorkVolunteer Full Fluency.pdf

Uni Style.pdf

Notes All Courses.pdf

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There is an article about the Live the Language Chengde Full Immersion Program in the Beijinger, which is just as relevant for Mandarin students in Tianjin as it is for those in the big city a little bit north west of it.



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I have been studying with LTL in Tianjin for three months and do want to recommend the school and my teacher. The classes are clearly structured, enjoyable and I have feel I made good progress during that time. This might be nothing special in other cities, but I think in Tianjin it is.

I spent a lot of time looking for a reliable school in Tianjin and am very happy to finally have found LTL here. I just extended my course for two months and will probably extend again aftewards. 谢谢你们的努力。

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Are there any courses that focus on academic chinese for university studies (not talking about courses for passing HSK exams) Courses where the emphasis moves away from just language learning and vocabulary lists to proper choice and usage of vocabulary in context, learning and using technical jargon of different professions, differences in written language vs spoken, writing academic reports/research papers, etc.


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@yellowpower: sorry for the late reply, the Tianjin section of this forum is not that active, so I havent been checking it much lately. For future reference, if you can also email us on [email protected] and you will get a reply within 24hours (usually faster).

To answer your question: yes we do offer courses that focus on academic Chinese. However this would always be in a one-on-one setting, as the content taught, style used, and curriculum would very much depend on which area you are intersted in. Words, structures, and phrases needed for a Chinese MBA or an engineering degree would be very different. We always first do an assessment with a student to see what the student already knows, what the aim of the course should be, and which areas we should focus on (pronunciation/writing/speaking/listening/grammar etc.). Based on this we then design an individual study plan for each student.

Learning Chinese is a very indvidual thing, people learn, study, and absorb in very different ways and a course has to be tailored to that. There are no one size fits all solutions.

You can find information about for example a rapid spoken Chinese immersion program in a full immersion environment or general information about 1-on-1 Chinese classes in Tianjin on our website.

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