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Taiwanese, Hokkien, Minnanyu Phrase book

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Recently I picked up a really interesting phrase book while I was in Japan. The book was designed for Japanese people to learn Taiwanese and or Taiwanese Mandarin. The book contains 2900 sentences covering a variety of topics.

Each sentence is written firstly in Japanese followed by Taiwanese and then Mandarin. The Taiwanese and Mandarin sentences have both characters and pinyin. They use a fairly standard POJ pinyin for the Taiwanese (thank goodness) and hanyu pinyin for the Mandarin sentences. It comes with three CDs and the audio is decent.

I've attached the first audio track and a photo copy of the first page.

Anyway it seems like a very useful resource for anyone who already knows either Japanese of Mandarin to learn some Taiwanese.

台灣語會話フレーズブック CD BOOK


ISBN : 978-4-7569-1391-3



01 - 趙怡華 - バスに乗る.mp3

post-13008-019552200 1290932039_thumb.jpg

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I haven't studied Minnanyu since I left Taiwan, but that looks like a great phrasebook.

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If you can read Japanese there are some great resources for learning Taiwanese, the

聴いて,話すための-台湾語基本単語2000 by 鄭正浩 is a nice little vocab checklist with 2000 of the most commonly used words in Taiwanese

台湾語会話 by 樋口 靖 is a very good exercise book on basic Taiwanese grammar. Nice and compact too, not like the Maryknoll books or Bodman. I think it's out of print at the moment.


There is one excellent series of phrasebooks with pictures in Japanese, but I forget the name. They even have one for North Korea, which I have thought would be interesting to learn Korean from.

They have one for Taiwanese Mandarin too, useful because it's almost impossible to get a textbook in traditional characters for Mandarin in Japanese

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Hi, I'm currently looking for a Minnanyu Phrasebook and I can read some Mandarin, is there any chance you could point me to where I could find this phrasebook? Thank you so much.

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Hi there,


If you're just after a phrase book you can try 生活台語會話 by 林仙台 is fine. It has English/Chinese/Taiwanese(POJ). It has 2 CDs, from memory in Taiwanese and Chinese. It was pretty cheep too. I think paid about 300NT for it (about $10 AUD) at the time.


You can see the first 20 pages here:



You can purchase it here:





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