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Help with Chinese Name!


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I'm trying to create a Chinese name for my best friend Alex. Right now, I'm considering these three variations of one meaning: 巫灿智, 巫明智, and 巫朗智. I think he would really like to have a last name that means "sorcerer or shaman!" And what I'm trying to go for with the given name is something like "illuminating wisdom" or "vivid intelligence." I would like the name flow well and be relatively easy to say. Which do you think is the best option of these?

Another few names that I've recently considered are 穆卓梦, 金安秋, and 安奥哲. I think the meaning of the second is too cheesy for his taste, even though I know Chinese people love that kind of imagery in naming. And I'm not quite sure if the third one makes sense. I was going for something like "mysterious sage." He really likes the idea of using 奥 in his name because of the mystery it implies. But I think 奥哲 might also possibly mean "obscure wisdom," which might not sound as good.

I appreciate any suggestions, opinions, or input!

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acrossing to me,奥哲 is the best, but i think if you change the first name would be better, cause 安 and 奥 together it's a little bit hard to pronounce. 穆奥哲,金奥哲 would be much more better.

But the truth is, all the names are not really easy for chinese to remember. cause they are beutiful in writting, but not really good in calling. But they are good names anyway.

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