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Adolescent humor


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Hello everyone!

I visited Shanghai recently, and when I was strolling down a flea market there I came across one stand that sold some plates (or tables, or signs) with funny inscriptions in Chinese. The stand was crowded with a lot of young people.

I tried to use my dictionary to make sense out of these plates, but I could hardly understand one or two in the dozens of signs. So I took a picture of them, and then I typed the characters in my notepad. Now, I'd like to ask if there's someone here who can clarify the meaning of theses inscriptions?

I suspect the humor can be hidden in omophonic characters, but I cannot catch it. If you see the sense in the following phrases, please explain!


不要迷恋哥, 哥只是个传说






(the last one I think means "Caution! Sexual maniac inside" or something like that)

Thank you!

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Are you sure you transcribed them right?

I can imagine the last one being a sign some collge boys might hang outside their dorm room in jest. The rest of them don't strike me as funny, so I must be missing the humor too.

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骚扰我吧 -- "disturb me" -- as opposed do "do not disturb me"?

非城勿扰 -- "it's not a city without some noise/craziness"?

不要迷恋哥, 哥只是个传说 -- "don't be a fan of [your] brother, brother is only a myth"? [No, I don't think this is right either....]

全民漂移 -- "this country is at drift / not going in the right direction / lost"? [Don't like this one either]

此地无银 -- "we're broke!"

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It actually says "非诚勿扰" which is often used in personals and means something like "serious inquiries only". There is a very popular speed-dating-show on 江苏卫视 by that name.


This one is also transcribed wrongly. The last two characters are 奴隶

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Actually, there are two plates shown here, one saying 非城无扰 and one saying 非诚无扰.

Oh yeah, you're right. I didn't see that. I'm not well versed in classical Chinese grammar, but does 非城勿扰 even make sense? Doesn't 勿 correspond to 不要/别?

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“此地无银”is a idiom,which comes from a stroy says that there was a stupid man who buried a pot of silver, to avoid these silver being stolen, he put a board next to it with the word "此地无银" on it, just to tell other people there is no money buried here.

此- this

地- place

无- no

银- silver

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Let's see what we've got here . . .

骚扰我吧 is more 'Harrass me, molest me' than disturb (which would be 打扰). Sexual harassment, for example, is 性骚扰。

不要迷恋哥, 哥只是个传说 is an Internet meme which lead to a wave of photoshopping, as far as I can figure out.

知识奴隶 (you have a typo in your first post) I've never seen before, and this is the only thing that made sense:


So it's maybe not so much knowledge, but rote learning of it? A cry from the tortured heart of the oppressed middle schooler?

全民漂移 - don't know. It seems to pop up in an online-gaming context, but I'm not delving into it.

此地无银 has been explained above.

色狼出没 (没 is mò here, btw) - comes and goes, haunts. 'Watch out, pervert about' if you like.

非诚/城勿扰, don't know. There's the 葛优/舒淇 movie and the dating show mentioned above. Not sure how either are meant to be taken here.

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Having looked through my photographs recently, I have found some more mysterious phrases on such plates:

靠谱 - 小青年


别滴滴 - 越滴越慢

珍惜生命 - 远离美女

Does anybody have any idea as to what could they mean? I'd be very grateful :)

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靠谱 could be translated as "reliable" or "reasonable", the opposite of 靠谱 is 离谱 meaning "irresponsible/unreliable" or "unreasonable"

I think maybe you would typically think of a 小青年 ("youngster") as 离谱, so maybe that's the joke...?

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