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Help needed with translation


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I'm from Croatia and I don't speak a word of Chinese.

I was asked to translate subtitles for a Chinese film to the Croatian language.

The movie: Death and Glory in Changde

I have been translating from English, I'm nearing the end of the translation, but there is a portion of the movie that hasn't been translated to English.

I've made screenshots of the Chinese text and need help. I won't get paid for this translation, so I cannot pay anyone else to help me, either.

Here are the screenshots:





3. this one doesn't seem to be as significant as the other two


Oh, almost forgot. This is the first Chinese-English forum I stumbled upon on the Internet, the first place I dared to ask my silly question...

This is my first and quite possibly the only topic on this forum, I hope it's not a BIG problem to post it here.

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Directed by Shen Dong


The Battle of Changde is called the Chinese version of the Battle of Stalingrad. Yu Chengwan, who was commanding eight thousand soldiers in resistance against 30 thousand Japanese invaders, thwarted their attack, and disrupted their operation towards the South which was aimed at tying down the Chinese Expeditionary Forces in Burma. A total of 4,251 Japanese soldiers were killed or injured in the battle.





On December 2, 1943, Changde fell.

On December 8, 1943, Yu Chengwan fought back to Changde with his army and recovered the city.

In 1944, Yu Chengwan was given death penalty by the court-martial of Kuomingtang due to the fall of Changde. Through intercession from his soldiers and Changde people, the death penalty was lessened to a two-year prison sentence.

Hopefully my translation can help you.

Btw, I am from Changde. :mrgreen:

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