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First Episode 79: 和空姐一起的日子


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A part of the Grand First Episode Project -- See this thread for more info.

A sappy mainland romantic comedy in the Taiwanese idol-drama style.

Language Level: Lower Intermediate

Overview - sina.com stream - youku (China only) - qiyi

This show probably only exists so 姚晨 and 凌潇肃 (married to each other in real life) can act alongside each other. The fans of 武林外传 will remember the inside joke in the last episode, where 凌潇肃 arrives and is chased by all the teeny girls in China, and 小郭 is the only one who can't stand him.

This is a mainland show, but it totally emulates Taiwanese idol romantic comedies, it is basically the same other than the accent. Even the blinking computer-generated teddy bears who giggle every time something happens are there (Smiling Pasta style). It is also a bit of a reunion from the last show we covered (防火墙5788), with four actors appearing again. The production is very good but, I honestly can't stand the genre :) Some other people following the project like these kinds of shows, so it might be interesting for them to see a non-Taiwanese take on it.

--- SUMMARY ---

The story covered in the first episode is pretty basic. 陆飞 works in a design studio (I think they make computer games) and regularly bumps into his neighbour 冉静 on their way to work, but without having the chance to introduce himself. One day, he catches her asleep (and drunk) on a park bench, and carries her to his apartment. When she wakes up, she misunderstands the situation, so they aren't off to a good start. At work, he gets promoted, and asked to fly to Beijing instead of the boss (played by the father from 家有儿女), where he should sign an important contract. The partner feels offended that the boss did not arrive himself, and it looks like the deal would fall through, but by strange coincidence, 冉静 shows up in the same bar , and by another coincidence, the business partner is in love with her, so she puts in a good word. Back at home, 冉静 finds out that she's getting kicked out of her apartment, and starts moving all her stuff to 陆飞's apartment, to his great surprise. We also meet 陆飞's best friend 王磊, a hopeless womanizer who is trying to cheat a southern lass into being her private fitness coach. He is also a game developer, who used to work in the same company, and 陆飞 will need his help with the latest project.


As far as sappy comedies go, this one is not too bad, but not exactly my cup of tea (I prefer explosions, kung fu, robots, flying mobile phones). Anyone else had a look?

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The fans of 武林外传 will remember the inside joke in the last episode, where 凌潇肃 arrives and is chased by all the teeny girls in China, and 小郭 is the only one who can't stand him.

Haha, nice, I remember that scene, but didn't realise they were married to each other.

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She was already very popular after 武林外传, and then 潜伏 showed she wasn't just a one-hit wonder. Right about that time Renzhe started stalking her.

This is based on the allegedly racy (online?) novel, yes? I remember having an audio book version, never listened to very much of it though.

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姚晨 is everywhere. Or is it just that renzhe is stalking her?


Actually, I've been looking for shows to check out, so I looked for the ones I liked on baidu, then checked the other shows the cast was involved in, etc. looking for something that might be interesting. So you end up with shows that feature actors you've seen before.

健康快车 had 佟掌柜 and 老白 from 武林外传. The one I'm currently looking at has 老白 and the girl from 潜伏.

And 姚晨 IS in a lot of shows nowadays.

OK, I'm stalking her.

This is based on the allegedly racy (online?) novel, yes? I remember having an audio book version, never listened to very much of it though.


It looked like a bubblegum cutesy OMG tamagochi hello kitty show.

If it's racy, I'll start watching it again :o

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I've watched the first couple of episodes several times. I think its a great show to learn new words, and I've written down a whole bunch of sentences and 成语 that I really liked.

The scenes with 陆飞, 王磊, and the dad from 家有儿女 are the best, and are oftentimes legitimately funny.

The ones with 冉静 and her friends, or 冉静 and 陆飞, are infuriating, in my opinion.

I have never watched any of the Taiwan love comedies you mentioned, or actually really any of these Chinese love stories (fighting, explosions, guns, yeah!!), so I'm unaware of how similar this show is to them, or if the girls in them are always so... disgustingly manipulative and evil; and the boys (陆飞) so... (is it cool if I say this?) completely pussywhipped.

He's cool and all UNTIL he's around 冉静。 Then he's a little biatch.

I found myself getting pissed and yelling filthy, horrible things towards 冉静 (and her 朋友)and 陆飞 (in chinese of course, finally able to practice using all those terrible invectives I've learned but never use because I'm actually a really nice guy ^_^ ), which is surprising because I am rarely affected by TV shows, especially ones that I've only watched 5 episodes of...

陆飞 needs to grow a pair and stand up for himself. And I know that sounds misogynistic, but, I mean it more in the sense of general human rights and self respect.

Sooo, yeah, I got to whatever episode it was (5-ish), and was so infuriated by 冉静 and her friend's ridiculously manipulative, evil, exploitation of 陆飞, and his lack of response, that I stopped watching...

BUT BUT BUT BUT, it's such a good show to increase your vocabulary that I am really trying to watch it again.



+great (general) vocabulary and sentences to steal

+funny at times

+great production (and qiyi is a website to watch it on)


-sappy corny love story

-too many testicle-crushing-ly depressing scenes

-冉静 isn't even that hot

-may find yourself screaming at 陆飞

-may find yourself smashing the nearest 青岛 bottle and threatening to cut 冉静 and her friend if they don't grow a soul


-Many characters (specifically 陆飞,王磊, and 家有儿女 's dad) have a stronger 北京/北方 accent, even though they're down in 深圳.

-Relatively easy to understand, although they do speak pretty fast at times, and the pause button comes in handy.

I don't know how helpful any of this is. I've been using the site for close to 3 or 4 years now, but have never posted. I love the First Episode Project, so if this helps anyone at all, I'll feel happy.

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I finished watching this show yesterday. Ii interested me at first because it seemed light-hearted and devoid of drama (although I have to somewhat agree with aphilho, there were some cringe worthy moments).

Well, the drama comes later, including explanations for the behaviour of 冉静 and 王磊 and others.

Consequently I watched several times the drama free episodes (with French subtitles, with Chinese subtitles, without glasses, etc), but only once the last few episodes.

This was the first Chinese TV show that I watched entirely, and although I didn't make any learning effort beyond watching most episodes several times, it did improve my listening comprehension (especially regarding "faster than beginner's textbook MP3 CD" speech) and reinforced some vocabulary. Two words come to mind, 骗 and 失业.

(I did watch a few 家有儿女 episodes before this, but quit watching due to logistics and an excess of teenage drama.)

Edit: also, there was nothing too graphic (nothing beyond a hug, it seems kisses are taboo on the screen? and the 乐乐 seduction scene perhaps), although some passages were definitely suggestive, including the very last line of the show.

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