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Dual Nationality


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Hi. This is another one of those dual nationality questions. I have surfed and read up all I can on this subject but all these information around does not seem to fit into my situation. Here's hoping someone here can help me out.

I am an Indonesian citizen married to a China Chinese and our child is born in China. Our child is registered as a Chinese citizen (father is the China Chinese) and she has a China passport now. That was in 2007. The reason why I mentioned the year is that Indonesia, since 2006, has allowed a limited version of "dual nationality for children of Indonesian women married to foreigners. In other words, Indonesia allows these children to rightfully hold Indonesian citizenship until the age of 18 when they are then given another few years to make up their mind to either choose or give up Indonesian citizenship. Needless to say, I applied and was granted said citizenship for my child. Therefore, in essence, she is now a nationality of both countries.

I really hope I am making myself clear in this matter. Anyway, I applied for said Indonesian citizenship and passport in our embassy in Beijing. I was also informed on the "supposed" process about using which passport to leave and enter the country etc, but, well, we have not left the country yet anyway. My question is this, since we are currently still living in China, what will happen if my child's dual nationality is "found out"? I understand the part about having to renounce one nationality, and I will definitely not give up Indonesian citizenship for my child.... but, is it possible to renounce China citizenship while still in China and how do I go about it?

I sure do hope someone here can help me on this and thank you all for reading my long essay.... :)

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what will happen if my child's dual nationality is "found out"?

According to Chinese law, by taking up Indonesian citizenship your daughter has automatically given up Chinese citizenship. So, if caught, her Chinese passport will be cancelled. If she is in China without a valid visa in her Indonesian passport she will be able to organise a travel permit which she can use to exit China. She can then apply for a Chinese visa in her Indonesian passport. I don't know if there are other penalties, such as fines or not being allowed to return for a certain amount of time.

is it possible to renounce China citizenship while still in China and how do I go about it?

Normally you don't renounce Chinese citizenship, it is automatically cancelled when you take on another nationality.

The normal process for people in your situaton is to take the child, both passports and the relevent hukou to the appropriate authority (possibly the local 公安局 can do it) and explain the situation. They will cancel the Chinese passport and remove the child from the 户口本 and then arrange a one-use travel permit which will allow her to stay in the country for a while (maybe 3 months) and then leave.

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