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High end districts and malls in Nanjing?


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I haven't been to Nanjing in a long time, so what I've seen in Nanjing is history.

I would like to know which districts are considered high end (受人尊重)and which luxury malls (owned by famous people would be a plus) are worth visiting. Say districts and malls in Nanjing that would be equivalent to the Jing'An District and malls located in West Nanjing Road in Shanghai.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hey, I'm the big Nanjing poster.

Deji Mall is the newest high end mall in Nanjing. They have the LV and Gucci stores as well as restaurants, and a Cinema on top.

The other ones would be golden eagle department store. Also in the downtown. They have cultivate the prestigiousness by having a rule if the brand opens a counter in their store they can not open one in any other department store or Mall.

If you like high end boutique shopping try Hunan lu and Shanxi lu. They street interspersed with other clothing stores but being near the city government Gulou area and touristy Xuanwu lake, most of the shops are high end.

Fuzimiao area has some stores but most are mid to low end of the spectrum.

Aquacity, also called shuiyou cheng has some newer stores though they are in the mid range a little more so than the High end side, it does have nice western supermarket in the basment and cool water fountains.

There is also a golden Eagle mall in Xianlin district taht is supposed to be pricey but I haven't been there yet.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.

Simon :)

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