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Can anyone use audio.cnr.cn?


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I came across this site audio.cnr.cn (from China National Radio), which apparently has a huge amount of quality listening material. The problem is I have never managed to get it to work. I have tried every browser on every computer I have access to, to no avail. I wonder if it is blocked to outside of China or if it is simply malfunctioning. Can anyone figure out how to make it work?

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When I clicked on the link for 兄弟 a separate page opened, then I clicked on the 试听 link and a new window opened with a music player similar to the top100/google music player.

Clicking on play did nothing... Nothing appeared to be loading, and the time did not advance. Come to think of it, the time said 00:00/00:00, which indicates the data did not load.

I'm in China using Chrome on a Mac.

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Chrome on a Mac.

Chinese websites are often designed for Internet Explorer 5, running on Windows 98, while requiring the processor power of a state-of-the-art 3D gaming rig. You might as well try and get it to render on an Etch-a-sketch as Chrome on a Mac. I'm only half joking.

If things aren't working it's worth firing up IE, or at least turning off all the security and usability improvements of your modern browser. That said, the site seemed to crash IE, while Firefox merely spent ages loading a flash music player and then seemed to fail to load any music.

Best bet - plug the name of the program you want to listen to into Google and see if anyone's uploaded it elsewhere.

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The site works. (See screenshots below.) Just update everything, use Internet Explorer 8 and make sure you've got the latest Adobe Flash Player installed.

Which version of Windows are you using? Try Windows 7. If you have a Mac, you probably have to use Windows on Bootcamp, though Safari works sometimes.

post-36611-066007900 1296441240_thumb.jpg

post-36611-018720700 1296441252_thumb.jpg

post-36611-094454300 1296441258_thumb.jpg

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