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Voice recognition for tone practice


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I'm looking for a web site or program where someone can record words or sentences and see the audio wave for their sound (with corrections and samples of correct pronunciation). I have tried SpeakGoodChinese but it seems to have a lot of bugs. I know that Rosetta Stone offers this, but I'm using this with my 6-8th grade Mandarin classes, so a free version they can use at home would be great. Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.

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Free, but suitable for kids to use at home ... don't think so. Ai Chinese aims to do this, but it's not free. There's maybe voice analysis software out there that can do it, but it's not going to give Chinese-specific feedback, or be kid-friendly.

Welcome to the forum, do stick around :)

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I'm impressed with how well AIChinese works but at time it seems to still be in Beta. Also for kids or anyone, getting the microphone, computer combination reliably working through a flash, is often frustrating. I'm waiting for the day when flash is dead and gone forever, but right now I can only use one of my three computers with AI because it won't work with Ubuntu, and is too finicky for the other computer.

That said, I say go try AI Chinese, it works and it is a good value. Maybe you could ask for a class discount.

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