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Computer terms in Chinese


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Hi everybody,

I was wondering how computer terms are translated in Chinese

How do you call:

- Software

- Hardware

- Computer program

- Monitor

- Programmer

- Program design(er)

- Functional design(er()

- Technical design(er)

- Computer graphics

- 3D animator

- Harddisk

- Online

- Internet

- Computer game

- etc?

Thanks in advance

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Here is An English-Chinese Glossary of IT Terms ->


and a database for Chinese computer terminology ->


I prefer traditional Chinese. But if you want you can switch to simplified by clicking the icon. If you can't find a term there, try search for it using a Chinese search engine and you might get the Chinese term.

- Software = 軟件

- Hardware = 硬件

- Computer program = 電腦程式

- Monitor = 顯示器

- Programmer = 程式編寫員

- Program design(er) = 程式設計(員)

- Functional design(er) = 功能設計(員)?

- Technical design(er) = 技術設計(員)?

- Computer graphics = 電腦圖形

- 3D animator = 三維動畫師

- Harddisk = 硬磁碟

- Online = 聯機

- Internet = 互聯網

- Computer game = 電腦遊戲

My pleasure. 8)

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