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Grand Comic Reading Project #7: 走错的房间

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新春快乐!Welcome to another installment of the Grand Comic Reading Project! For the first time, we're featuring a comic from mainland China. It's a fairly simple love story, and at less than 90 pages, it's not a terribly long read. I think the greatest challenge comes from the relatively low resolution of the images, which causes some of the characters to be hard to make out. As always, if you have any questions, post a message.

Chinese Title: 走错的房间

Character Set: Simplified

Country of Origin: China

Year of First Publication: 2010

Genre: Romance

Series Info: Webcomic

Read Online: http://comic.zonghen...eries/3659.html

Jump to first page: http://comic.zonghen...32/i103012.html

Buy Online: N/A

Difficulty: Easy

Legibility: Good, except some characters are too small to easily make out.

Summary: Yanyun returns to his hometown after years of studying abroad, and finds his fiance in the arms of another man. However, a chance encounter with a former classmate radically alters his life.

Page Count: 87 pages

CBZ Files: All five chapters (unzip to see individual CBZ files)

Word List: http://grandcomic.wi...gjian_Word_List

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This one is a very quick read, only a couple sentences per page. You could read the whole thing during lunch. The art is very nice. It was slightly reminiscent of 向左走,向右走, if only because it is artsy and big on the whole chance encounter thing. Anyway, I enoyed it.

Any idea what the note on this page says? Maybe "严允, 我出门买点东西...something, something?" I really need to work on my hadwriting reading.

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It says, "...你起床在桌上有早點,我很快回。"

And there is a typo in the left bubble of the first panel.

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Many thanks. Odd typo by the way. Didn't even notice it wasn't 地方.

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On this page I'm having a really hard time parsing this sentence: "你這裡可真夠特別的"

"You really have enough special-ness here"? I think it's the "可真夠" that is throwing me.

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I think I would translate it as "Your place here is really quite special".

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Here's a wordlist which I drew up. Apologies for the (lack of) formatting but it's the best I could do.

The order is approximately the same as the order in which they occur in the story.

严允 yányŭn Yanyun (main guy)

一片空白 yīpian kōngbái (of one's mind) to go blank

仅 jǐn only, merely, alone

未婚 wèihūn unmarried, single

未婚妻 wèihūnqī fiancée

唯 wéi only, alone

睁开眼 zhēngkāiyǎn open eyes

娃娃 wáwa baby, child, doll

眼神 yǎnshén expression in one's eyes

可恶 kěwù detestable

眼熟 yǎnshú look familiar

一下子 yíxiàzi in a short while, all at once, all of a sudden

跟上 gēnshang keep pace with, keep up with

腼腆 miǎntiǎn shy, bashful

嘻 xī giggling, merry laughter

啪嗒 pāda patter, tap-tap (onomatopoeia)

琳琅 línláng beautiful jade, gem

满目 mǎnmù meet the eye on every side

竟然 jìng rán unexpectedly, to one's surprise, in spite of everything

鱼缸 yúgāng fish tank, aquarium

回头 huítóu later; a moment later

毕竟 bìjìng actually, after all

打扰 dǎrǎo to bother, to inconvenience (someone)

始终 shǐzhōng all along, throughout; from beginning to end

弥漫 mímàn fill the air, pervade

彻底 chèdǐ thorough, completely,

窗帘 chuānglián (window) curtain

开关 kāiguān switch

幸运 xìngyùn good luck, lucky

天才 tiāncái talent, genius

实现 shíxiàn to achieve; bring about, realise

许愿 xǔyuàn vow, promise

上天 shàngtiān launch, go up to the sky; die

惩罚 chéngfá punish, punishment

温暖 wēnnuǎn warm

触 chù touch, contact; move (someone's feelings)

得奖 déjiǎng win (or be awarded) a prize

奋斗 fèndòu struggle, fight, strive

赶紧 gǎnjǐn quickly, hurry

小子 xiǎozǐ boy, guy, fellow

槁 gǎo withered

方式 fāng shì manner, style, way (of life)

借宿 jièsù stay overnight at someone's place, put up for the night

比起 bǐ qǐ compared to, compared with

长脸 zhǎngliǎn to add to the glory of

桃花 táohuā peach blossom

源 yuán source, cause, root

无影无踪 wúyǐngwúzōng without a trace

寻找 xúnzhǎo seek, look for

无数 wúshù countless, innumerable; be uncertain

线索 xiànsuǒ clue, thread, lead

"失陪 shīpéi "excuse me, but I must be leaving now" (polite)

究竟 jiūjìng outcome, what actually happened; after all

迈 mài step, stride

持续 chíxù go on, continue

无意 wúyì have no intention (of doing something), not be inclined to; inadvertently, accidentally

摆酒 bǎijiǔ to arrange a feast

摆 bǎi arrange, put in place; state; assume

有方 yǒufāng competent

哲 zhé wise, wise man, sage

感兴趣 gǎnxìngqù interested in, intrigued by, follow

采访 cǎifǎng to interview

店主 diànzhǔ owner of a shop, storekeeper

复制 fùzhì duplicate, reproduce, make a copy of

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