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At least on my version of Windows XP, 羅馬拼音 is not one of the possible options. The options that I have listed are:

  • Standard
  • Eten
  • ChingYeah
  • IBM
  • HanYu Pinyin
  • Secondary Bopomofo
  • Taiwan Pinyin

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My version is Windows 2000 and the options I have are -

- 標準注音鍵盤

- 倚天注音鍵盤

- 精業注音鍵盤

- IBM注音鍵盤

- 羅馬拼音

- 國音二式

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Okay... I assume you use the Chinese version of Windows? I use the US English version. That's probably why they're displayed differently.

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我用的是XP中的五笔, XP有自带五笔的.


Are you using English Windows XP or Chinese XP? I am using English version, and I do NOT see WBZX there, I'd love to be able to use WBZX.

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I got it working. Thanks claw! In Windows 2000, it was as you described, except

Chinese OS Microsoft New Phonetic IME 2002a -> 微軟新注音輸入法98a

The 注音 in the title threw me off, but that's it.

Edit: Thanks for the other suggestions too.

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