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Language Program: Help me Choose

Alex Whiteman

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I'm soon applying for a Chinese Government scholarship (for a long term language program).

My first choice of institution will be ECNU, as I have heard very good references.

I'm also choosing Shanghai as I think I'll be more comfortable culture-shock-wise; I don't mind practising my English with other foreigners as my Chinese is not yet good enough for any meaningful conversation. I think I'll like Shanghai more than Beijin and one of the reasons is that I've heard the pollution level in Beijing is terrible (whereas the one in Shanghai is still bad but more bearable).

I have to specify a second or third choice for my institution and I'm thinking about the following:

- Fudan

- TongJi

- Shanghai University

- BLCU (Beijing)

So which ones should I go with for my second and third choice?

- I'm somewhat interested in Fudan but I've read the Language course there is not good (though I'm not sure exactly how).

- TongJi and Shanghai Uni seem decent from what I researched but I really have no reference of either.

- BLCU sounds very good even though I'd rather be in Shanghai; I'm not sure I can ignore this one.

Any other location suggestions? It'd be my first time in China so I'd still want to err on the safe side comfort-wise. Chances are I'll be getting more opportunities to explore China in the next years ANYWAY.

Other than concentrating on studying hard and not feeling too alienated, I'd like a campus where I can keep fit as that's part of my daily routine at home too (a gym and somewhere where I can jog a few miles from time to time will do, add some martial arts courses and it's perfect for me).

Another thing, maybe minor, what's the age range in these courses? I just turned 30 and I feel like taking a year off work to do this. So maybe there's one uni that has more people around my age doing these courses. . . I dunno.

Ok, so. . . rephrasing. . . I'd welcome some ideas for my second and third choice of institution - for my scholarship application. Hopefully, I'll get ECNU, but I still want my second and third options to make sense and not regret them in case I end up having to study elsewhere.



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Hi, I eventually went ECNU, SISU, FUDAN. I really want my first choice though.

What confuses me is that, apparently, they'll inform me whether I got the scholarship on - or even past - the registration deadline for these places.

I'm not sure how am I supposed to go about this.

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Hey Alex,

I'm totally on the same boat as you - Fudan University or BLCU. Like you, I simply can't decide between Shanghai (more adaptable) or Beijing (more fun and a better program). I also need a gym and somewhere to run around at.

Just curious, why ECNU as your first choice and not Fudan? I would love to know what school you end up choosing.

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I actually just got accepted into Fudan's Long term language course. Partly because my mother kept talking about Fudan, Fudan & Fudan, but also because from I've heard some of the language classes in other schools have rather large classes compared to Fudan.

It's quite normal that among Shanghainese people Fudan is the best, so there has to be something about it, even though the classes might be badly divided, since one who speaks chinese quite well but doesn't know s*** about writing, might be put into the wrong class, due to the way they measure one's skills in chinese (I believe they test in hearing, writing and talking).

After googling alot on Fudan Campus, I found out that they have 2 gyms and it costs approx 3RMB for a day. Seems like they have some sportsclubs, which I'm looking forward to since part of my going to China, is to meet other people. Unfortunately it seems like campus is a bit further away from downtown than other campus, it takes between 20minutes to an hour, depending on rush hour. Where I'm from, I'm 40 minutes away from School and 30 minutes away from work, so the distance from downtown doesn't bother me that much.

I read somewhere, that a cap should cost about 7-80RMB from campus to downtown, not that bad compared to many western countries.

About the age thing, the min. range was 16 and the max. range was 60, but I really hope that people are somewhat in the range of 20-30ish. I myself am 22 and just finished my Bsc-IT in Denmark.

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Hello. I've decided that i go to fudan, it was really my first choice from before. they told me it was the best in shanghai. then chong qing, nanjing. its on different provinces. well, in the Philippines we have to wait for the result from last week of July till August. Goodluck to us!

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@ohmacaroni: yes i did, last april. i posted it in the other forum. how bout you? crisgee told me i have to wait by August for the result. i friend of mine from Vietnam, already studying in Shanghai (Tongji U) told me also that the result may really be by the last week of july until august. where did you apply? what univ

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I haven't applied yet, I probably would in June since I'm not sure about my schedule as of now. :| It's definitely going to be Fudan if I go to Shanghai... I actually want to go to Jiao Tong, but I read that there's no dormitory accomodation for non-degree students so that's a bit of a drawback. Have u considered going to Jiao Tong too?

Hey this is kinda awesome, kitakits in Fudan if I do go this September!:)

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@ohmacaroni: you're not applying as a scholar, are you?=) sana nga, i'm hoping to get a slot in fudan. and no, i didn't consider going to jiao tong. but i asked a few people, they gave me thumbs up for fudan u. i called CHED this morning, told me they already selected and sent the documents to China. i was trying to know if i get to get picked, but she noticed.hahaha they said i have to wait till before September for the result.=( tagal, and its in the middle of the semester. Hoping for the best, incase, hope to see you there too.=D

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I second the question by adeltjo.

Another question, is there usually alot of homework that accompanies classes that do 20hrs/week? Anyone with some ancedotal evidence here.

I ask because I'm looking at some universities that offer language programs at 15 or 12 hrs/wk.

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@JCJC It doesn't matter where you do your classes there will be a lot of homework. You can't expect to be spoon fed all the characters you need, especially if you're planning to do the HSK. Less time spent in classes will also equal more than the usual homework load. If you're coming to Shanghai, Tongji is as good as any uni here.

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So are you saying that workload / homework at a University program, whether its is 20hrs/wk or 15hrs/wk program is going to be the same? Is that a little bit of a generalization?

FYI, I'm looking at Shanghai Maritime vs. Tonji vs. SISU. Workload outside of class (along with teaching quality) are my paramount interests so any on topic feedback about the former or latter would be helpful.

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I would say if you want to improve your Chinese, you should not try to practice your English at the same time. Considered any other cities except Beijing & Shanghai? If those are the only choices, I would say BLCU, at least the speak Mandarin in Beijing and you will have loads of foreigners to speak English (or whichever other language you want) to speak with.

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