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The celebrity youth writer of China--is she BAD or just HOT?


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From the San Francisco Chronicle

Best-selling Gen X novelist Mian Mian exposes youth drug culture in changing China

by Anna-Sophie Loewenberg, special to SF Gate

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

"Describing her beloved Shanghai as 'a beautiful bitch who loves money,' Mian is now globe-trotting to promote her book in translation. 'I come to America, I come to France, I come to Portugal, I come to many countries just to have a party, so what do you expect?' the author blurted out at the Commonwealth Club while drinking her wine. "

"The day after the reading, I met Mian in the Haight for a San Francisco shopping spree. Dressed in white thigh-high boots and a faux-fur coat, she caught the eye of even the most outrageous slackers, who bummed her French cigarettes while she searched for vintage Doors vinyl. With a microphone hanging out of her own purse, Mian said she was working on her next 'life diary.' So I followed her around the Haight to find out how a Chinese ex-heroin addict writes a novel, and how fame and motherhood have changed things for the Queen of the Shanghai Underworld..."

To read the full-length article and the interview between Mian Mian and the reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle, please click the link below:


To read PBS's comprehensive coverage (with a movie clip and a slide show) on this story, please click here:


Here is the official site of Mian Mian--an author of the best-selling novel Candy who was interviewed by several European and American news media angencies, and whose books have been translated into many languages and distributed worldwide.


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