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First Episode 82: 美人心计


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Yo. This show is pretty good. 关于汉朝皇后的一生.她是怎么用自己的聪明帮助皇上和身边的人。 a lot of (hot) women using their 聪明在宫里活下去

There's a lot of dialogue in every episode.. people are constantly talking. Some of it is really easy to understand and some is really difficult. But people speak pretty clear and there are high-quality versions online. http://v.sogou.com/v?query=%C3%C0%C8%CB%D0%C4%BC%C6+1&tn=0

Check out the first couple episodes and let me know what you guys think

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Sorry, I've been busy, I've added it to the First Episode Project.

I've watched the first episode and it was not too great. It has a bit of court intrigue, and a bit of a wuxia vibe (some fighting), but the fighting might be just to make the first episode sexier.

How does it develop in later episodes?

Language is at an intermediate level. Mostly very easy, but with some Han-dynasty vocabulary and a few formal sentences in court setting.

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I don't know how it develops. I downloaded it because of the recommendation of Chinadoog. Mainly attracted by the clear speech and easy to understand. Despite being mostly very easy, it's still well above my level. (4 months selfstudy with barely half of the old hsk basic level vocabulary under the belt). Nevertheless I recognize enough of the subtitles to give me the illusion that I could understand it with proper preparation. Hence my search for the subtitles.

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