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八戒 is a character of the traditional Chinese novel 西游记 (Record of a journey to the west), and he is basically an idiot and very lazy so his brother 孙悟空(the monkey) calls him 呆子(dumb,stupid person).

And 八戒 (Bajie) is actually a pig, whereas 悟空 (Wukong) is the monkey king.

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So this is whats come up...

学无止境-Learning is endless


呆子-dumb, stupid person

蠢材-sophisticated idiot

and a couple others yet to be translated...

I'm still at a lose though..... i'm not sure how to animate these charectors... and draw them out..the way i'd want them in a tat...

do you guys (and girls) know of a place where i could get some examples as to how they are written?

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The strokes really only matter if you're using a brush or marker or something like that to write. Then if you're going up -> down or left -> right, you'll get the correct thicknesses/curves from the stroke order. But if you're going to have a tattoo artist basically draw it out on your skin, you should probably just have the entire shape already drawn out for him to trace and fill in; it'll look best that way. Plus less potential for errors (that Hanzi Smatter site is hilarious!)

I know some word processors have some very lovely Chinese fonts/scripts...

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If you want a tattoo take your time thinking about what you want, It will be there for a long time. As others have said it is better to have something like a poem or saying with a meaning close to you. I am not at home at the moment so I can not post a picture of mine but take it from me TAKE YOUR TIME MAKING YOUR MIND UP It is important that you are very happy with your tattoo design before you have it.

For me the best script is brush stroke. You can do this on MAC or Windows in word. I will look up what the script is called. I took a long time over mine and have always been happy with the end result not everybody can say the same.

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It looks like you went with a block font rather than a brush stroke. With most Chinese characters, I would say a brush stroke is better looking. But in this context, it looks as if you've been branded with the word "idiot," which is amusing. How do you feel about it, jester?

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Oh my god, not just an insane jester but also a real 呆子 ... (am a bit sorry that I suggested it ...)

But now you are on a par with the famous masters of Chinese philosophy like 孔子(Confucius), 孟子 (Mencius), 老子 (Laozi) ...

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