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Train from Beijing to Dalian

Daniw de Leon

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I'll be studying in LNU next month for a 6-week language course and planning to take a plane to Beijing then a train to Dalian.

Has anyone else tried taking one of the trains from Beijing to Dalian? How did you buy tickets? Is it risky to buy on the spot?

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>>Has anyone else tried taking one of the trains from Beijing to Dalian?

I have not, but I have had chance to travel by all kinds of Chinese transportation: trains, buses, ferries. It all depends on your tolerance to conditions. Be prepared to see people spitting on the floor, dropping garbage under the seats, coughing, making noises, smelling, etc.

>>How did you buy tickets?

Go to train station. You need to speak and especially read some basic Chinese. Surprisingly, train ticket offices give minimum trouble to non-native speakers. Many hotels have travel desks, and you can order train ticket there, but they charge extra (25 RMB or so).

>>Is it risky to buy on the spot?

Not sure what you mean. I would never buy from other people.

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I have taken both hard and soft sleepers, and would say trains Beijing to Dalian are not bad, though of course that depends on what you are expecting. The soft sleepers aren't that softer than the hard ones, the main difference is that the soft sleepers are 4 beds (2 to each side), while the hard sleepers are 6 beds (3 to each side) so that you can't truly sit up in them, and the soft sleepers have a door, and a little more comfortable, and less noisy. I slept well in both, but if you have sleeping problems, or a lot of luggage, the soft sleeper may be a better bet.

The travel time is just enough for a good nights sleep. Dalian is too far away for day trains in my opinion, but the high-speed train to Dalian will open soon, and that would change the equation.

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