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Online Chinese IME?!


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would anybody use an online IME? that allowed you to enter chinese characters without installing IME on your PC?

if not, let me know, so i can stop working on this... otherwise, let me know what you might want to see in such a program... let's see if this works...

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If you could get it to work with Firefox, that would be great indeed.

It works ok for me on Firefox on Linux. I don't always get the expected characters, though. "zi xing che" gave me the first two characters but not the 车.

would anybody use an online IME? that allowed you to enter chinese characters without installing IME on your PC?

I may use it from time to time. I finally got an IME going in Linux, but I don't normally have it running because the setup gives me ugly fonts. I have looked for something like this before. Zhongwen.com would be great except the characters are images. I'm not going to say that I'll use it every day, but I may from time to time for convenience, mainly for posts to the forums here. I actually used it in this message to get the 车 character.

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Which IME is this? I've been on the lookout for one for Linux since I started teaching myself the language.

I use Debian Linux and followed the directions at http://sps.nus.edu.sg/~huyihuyi/debian3.html. If the page doesn't come up it is cached on Google at,

There are several other input method programs, but that one has worked well enough for me.

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you make a good point.

i was going to combine character selector and pinyin input together, but you make a very good point... Chinese Radical Index should be separate from the Chinese IME.

initially, the plan was to allow users to type and the character selection decreased based on input ... :-) however, i think the IME should be pinyin based and should return entries more like Google Suggest.


thanks for your feedback

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Out of curiosity and interest, I hacked up a proof of concept applet last night. Works with a limited subset of words (only those beginning with "a").



Issues: I'm sitting on a Chinese OS so it works perfectly for me but is also completely useless. The real question is whether it works on non-Chinese systems. If not, what changes need to be made to get it to display Chinese characters on systems with the proper fonts installed.

I'm no Java expert, and don't even have a non-Chinese copy of Windows to test things on, so am at the end of what I can do. If Java CAN display Chinese characters on non-Chinese OSes though, it should be easy to produce something relatively quickly, and link it to something like pzdict.

Incidentally, the applet above was made using the latest version of Java, so if you don't see anything you probably need to update at http://www.java.com.

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an online IME is a good idea! but i had a look at your site greek-frappa, and to be honest, i didn't see anything resembling an input method~just a table of f**king radicals and a few thousand characters i've never seen before! Why don't you just run queries through http://www.google.com/intl/zh-CN/ like 889 suggested?

Like this:


All you have to do is open the url in ur code, and then find the chinese in the HTML contents! That's what I'm going to do on my site -- why develop software that's already freely available on the net? crazy if u ask me..

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