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handheld electronic dictionary

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To me a handheld electronic dictionary seems to be a very useful gadget. With a stylus one could write/copy a certain character on the screen. Translation and pronounciation then could be activated.

When I was recently in China, I found quite a few of them in book-stores. But, they varied substantially in price and possibilities. My interest goes for a dictionary which could handle Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, English (and perhaps a few more W-European languages), and would allow direct cross-overs (by this I mean Dutch-Japanese, Dutch-Chinese, English Chinese, English-Japanese a.s.o.)

In the end I did not buy any because of their limitations. Most had Chinese as core language, and cross-overs where not possible.

Would appreciate other members opinion on these devices. Are there any outstanding brands? At affordable prices?

[i am not sure whether I am in the right Forum with this question]

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Hello, I would agree 100% with langxia. If you have a smart phone or PDA you will not regret getting pleco. The basic bundle is very reasonably priced and you can always add to it later. It does what you mentioned and loads more. try the free demo, this does not allow character input but showes you how it all works. the full program has character input with stylus, flashcards, stroke order practice and more. Enjoy :) Shelley

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On my last visit to China I also looked into purchasing a handheld electronic dictionary. I discovered that prices were a tad on the steep side and couldn't find much for under 600 RMB (the ones with character recognition were even higher). On my return home, I therefore decided to invest in a Samsung Galaxy Mini (Android) smartphone for £100. Having downloaded two free Apps, Hanzi Recognizer and Hanping dictionary, I am now able to carry out all I would have required from a handheld dictionary plus much more, for example, the underground map Apps proved very useful in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

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Yes, Pleco. Now available on Android. Short of marrying someone Chinese, it's the best language investment you could make.

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Short of marrying someone Chinese, it's the best language investment you could make.

Do you guys marry a Chinese woman merely for the sake of learning Chinese instead of love?

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A lot of good information!! Thank you all for providing it.

Galaxy Mini plus the mentioned (free) apps will make my life much easier, and hopefully increase considerably my Mandarin language skills.

[Perhaps not appropriate to bring this up on this forum, but does anybody also has experience/advice on apps with Korean and/or Japanese dictionary?]

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