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Three , a.k.a Going Home, a.k.a 三更 a.k.a. 回家


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Ok, I'm only just starting to figure out what I've just watched.

I picked up a DVD a while ago, which seemed to be titled 回家, with the English title of Going Home. I forgot about it for ages, and watched it only this weekend. The title on the actual film seemed to be 'three' and the film was only 50 minutes long.

After some research on the internet I've figured out that what I've got is meant to be a compilation called '3' - featuring 3 Asian horror / mystery tales - one each from Korea / Taiwan and HK.

It seems the DVD I have only has the HK story, which is why it's so short. But I'll tell you, I don't care - it's easily one of the best pieces of cinema I've ever seen. Very very spooky, sometimes genuinely shocking, and considering the fantastical plot, very convincing. I can't think of one genre you could pigeon-hole it in - horror, suspense, romance, psychological thriller . . .

I think I might watch it again. Actually, the other 2 films might be on there, I could have just missed the menu.


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I saw the same movie (HK part only) on a film festival in February. If I remeber correctly, the director of the whole project said that the aim was to make a 90-minute compilation of the three movies, and that they had made this special 50-minute version of the HK movie because he was so fond of it.

I liked it very much, too. Especially the ending.

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