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Chinese Address Help!


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As far as I can tell it's complete. I would just put this on the envelope (perhaps you can print it and tape it on it, that's the surest way to get the characters right) and write 'Tokyo, JAPAN' underneath. Oh, and your friend's name, in either characters or Latin letter. That should get it there.

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Interesting that they're using Traditional characters. I wonder why that would be...
It's Japanese, not Chinese. Japanese borrowed the Chinese writing system at some point in the past, a long long time before formal simplification. The Japanese have since simplified some characters as well, but often differently from the Chinese simplifications of the 1950s.
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Except, AFAIK, Japanese most often uses the "simplified" forms for 區 and 號, does it not?
I have no idea, to be honest... Didn't think that far. I don't actually know any Japanese.
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