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Correct Term?

baihe shifu

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I don't think people use such a term. There is a term of the same pronunciation 導師 (dao3 shi1) but it simply means teacher /tutor. You can of course invent a term /title but it is doubtful if that would gain other people's respect.

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Does your friend predominately teach Taoism/Daoism? If not, I would avoid 道 in the Chinese translation.

Common terms used to refer to teachers in the martial arts world:

师父 - Master, in the sense of Master/Disciple, rather than Master/Beginner. Used by people who have formally recognised someone as their master and have been accepted as that person's disciple (sometimes referred to as 'indoor student'). Traditionally, people would typically only have one 师父 in their lifetimes even if they may have learnt from several other teachers (yes there are plenty of exceptions, but in general if someone is your 师父 it implies a much stronger commitment than just a regular teacher/student relationship).

师傅 - Master - a general term of respect/title for someone who has a high level of skill in a particular field (not necessarily martial arts).

老师 - Teacher - used commonly by both regular students and/or disciples/indoor students to refer to their teacher.

Going beyond these terms, then I think as skylee mentioned, you are just inventing a term/title that is doubtful to convey or gain other people's respect.

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