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Can I use Anki to practice grammar patterns?


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I have some books that contain various grammar patterns. The books exaplain them simply, but without the benefit of a classroom setting, it is difficult for me to remember them. Is there some way to add these into Anki? What kind of card arrangement do you recommend for that?

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Just a thought, you could use the tatoeba deck (1600 cards of sentences with audio). Suspend all the cards ("browse items" from the edit menu, ctrl-a, toggle suspend), then search through for the ones with that pattern and unsuspend just those. Set up the cards any way you like. Maybe audio on the front, everything else on the back.

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I have lots of these grammar patters in Anki and I see no problem with studying them as you study normal words. However, remembering seemingly random combinations of words/phrases is quite hard, so in this case I definitely recommend using a clear and typical example (hopefully already provided in your textbook). That gives you both the usage and the meaning at once (the theory being that it's difficult or dangerous to separate them).

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