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How many new words am I really learning per day?


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I have Anki on the default setting: it always says "20 new cards" each day and "250-300 reviews" each day. However, my deck has a front side (characters --> pinyin) and a back side (English --> characters). Does that mean I'm really only learning on average 10 actual new words and reviewing an average of 125-150 words?

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Without wanting to explicitly say 'you are only learning 10 new cards a day' I think the answer is roughly yes.

If you have it the same way as I do Anki may be offering you 'random' new cards so in theory these could be between 10 and 20 new cards and anything from a ratio of 10:10 to 20:0 in how many are front and how many are back, and even then those you're doing the front for need not necessarily be those you're doing the back for. However in my experience I always seem to be hit with the front and back of new cards within close proximity so it's more likely that you're closer to the 10 new cards.

With reviews though it's different. True, when the front and back are initially given in close proximity you're likely to get them the same spacing, but at some point you may get one wrong and separate them - meaning the front card needs to be repeated tomorrow and the back card not for another month etc. In light of this I'd say you're most likely doing more than 150 words/characters a day and may increasingly have less overlap to get closer to 250/300.

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