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Perplexed! 老在躲避过去般上的同伙


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As it says in the title - I am very stuck on this clause


(lao3 zai4 duo3bi4 guo4qu4 ban1 shang4 de tong2huo3)

It supposedly translates to 'always hiding from old shipmates' (同伙 - this guy's a pirate :P ) but I don't really see how...

在躲避 = hiding, and shipmates I get (but why is 老 at the beginning?) and how would you translate 过去般上?

If you could explain it in baby steps, I would love you forever. As you can see, I'm sort of an idiot. :wall

(Praying that characters as opposed to tiny boxes show up!)

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:shock: I am so ashamed. Roddy has hit the nail on the head - it's 船 not 般. I wrote it down correctly but looked up the wrong character in my dictionary.

So, that plus jbradfor's hint about 老 means the mystery is solved!

Thanks everyone - amazing how much difference a teensy box can make. :mrgreen:

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