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Chinese universities offer free online courses


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Wow that's really cool

I goto PKU right now as an exhcange student and I am actually in the a class that's being shown online.


He's really popular even at PKU(standing room first few weeks)

From a business student perspective, the business school chinese professors were easier to understand but from a history professor professor, their vocabulary all seem to be around his level.

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No, It's from the beginning and looks like a encoding issue. I assumed it was hard coded, specially as the older ones are fine. As it was not corrected I started to doubt. If it's fine for you I have to take a look at my settings, I'm not yet sure where though:) Thanks!

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你会了! 谢谢好的 , 大学11月小说时大谢谢你快乐会了 哈哈哈

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like how the one I am watching http://www.icourses....c6-4876d02411f6 has jarbled "subtitles" because it made me realize that I need to focus on listening rather than read Chinese subtitles (like I do when I watch Chinese TV)

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It's fine, like I said, with pretty much EVERY SINGLE Chinese show or movie containing Chinese subtitles, I could use the break to focus on my listening. It almost seemed for a second that the jarbled subs were purposely made to look that way in order to spark the "ah-hah!" in our minds that we need to work on our listening.

Besides, if you were actually in the classroom, there wouldn't be subtitles hovering under the professors... although knowing China I wouldn't be surprised if the technology existed. 哈哈哈!

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