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Central University For Nationalities


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This topic is for discussion and reviews of Central University For Nationalities. Accommodation, courses, on-campus facilities and activities - anything to do with Central University For Nationalities goes in here. If there's a lot of discussion about any one particular topic we might split it into a new thread and leave a link here.

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good thing about this campus its located in haidian district, which is a university district. this campus not as big as the other university, but it has a good environment tho.

the last time i was there i was staying on the west gate dormitory, this campus has 2 dormitories. one on the west gate and the other one is on the east gate. the one on the east gate was the new one, when i was in the campus they were still rebuild it, and by the time i moved to another uni it building has finished. i went there to have some kind of competition which held there like 3-4 months ago and had a chance to take a look at the east gate dormitory which was actually really good, its more like a hotel and its big. meanwhile, the dorm on the west gate more like an apartment. both are fine.

but unfortunately if u were on the east gate dormitory, its gonna be a bit too hard for you to get food around, since most restaurants are located on the west gate.

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Can anyone tell me what this university is like in comparison with Beijing Language and Culture University? My college has links with these two I believe and we have the option of studying in either.

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Thinking about applying here for a MA in Ethno-Sociology. Any tips on the school would be great.


How many international students in the acutual degree programs? How many students are minority (read online it is 60%)? How are the overall programs.

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I studied in minzu for a year (2015-2016).


Chinese courses : The chinese courses are divided in 10 (maybe 11) levels.


Level 1 and 3 : 10 of kouyu, 10 of zonghe and 2 of hanzi

Level 4 and 5 : 8 zonghe, 8 kouyu, 4 tingli, 2 yuedu

Level 6 to 9 : 8 zonghe, 6 kouyu, 4 tingli and 4 yuedu

Level 10 : I don't know . but I think they have class like 中国文化


You have class every morning 8 -> 12 and one afternoon 14 -> 16


You can also do painting class, dance, calligraphy.

If you come as an exchange student you can add class to your schedule with chinese student in all the subject you want


3 hours per week (twice 1,5h) you can register for fudao class. It's teaching chinese major student (Master or bachelor) who help you. They can help you do to your homework or just talk. You have 1 chinese for 2 students or sometimes 5 just for you if nobody come haha. 


So if you register for chinese class + fudao you have 25 hours per week.



Level 2 and 7 were closed when I was in Minzu.


If you are an average student you do : 1 -> 4 -> 6 -> 8 -> 9 but some people do 1 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 8


I knew an american girl who did 1 -> 5, an american guy 6 -> 9, an south asian guy 1 -> 6


If you want to skip a level you need to pass the 综合 final exam. The first semester I did level 3, the second semester level 5. Level 5 was to slow so I asked to change for the level 6. But I failed the test.


At the beginning of each semester you need to do a placement test, morning : writing, afternoon : oral. If it’s your second semester here the placement test is quite useless cause teacher already know you. The oral is an important thing for your placement in a level. I did good to the writing test but I did to much oral mistakes so they put me in level 5 and not 6. If you are westerner with not so good oral skills they will put you in lower level.  A Japanese girl was not able to speak, she was in level 5 first but she changes for the 8 (And shed id pretty well). 3 Korean were with me in level 5, they only study for 3 months chinese in Korea.  


Minzu have not a lot student in chinese, less than 80 so teacher knew you pretty good.  Each class has between 6 to 18 students. In my case, 11 in level 3 and 16 in level 5.


The textbook for zonghe ke :


Level 1 : NPCR 1

Level 3 : NPCR 1 (second half) and NPCR 2 (almost all the book)

Level 4 : Boya beginner 2

Level 5 : Boya pre-intermediate 1

Level 6 : Boya pre-intermediate 2

Level 8 : Boya intermediate 1

Level 9 : Boya intermediate 2

Level 10 : Boya advanced 1



For the yuedu ke they started to use HSK Standard courses


4 -> HSK 4

5 - HSK 4

6 -> HSK 5

7 ->  

8 -> HSK 5

9 -> HSK 6

10 -> HSK 6


For tingli ke they use Developing chinese


4 : Elementary 1

5 : Elementary 2

6 : Intermediate 1

8 : Intermediate 2

9 : Advanced 1



For Kouyu ke :


5 : Experiencing Chinese Oral Course 3

6 : Experiencing Chinese Oral Course 4

8 : Experiencing Chinese Oral Course 5

9 : Experiencing Chinese Oral Course 6



During class you need to speak chinese a lot. You do oral presentation (with PPT) almost every week (In kouyu class and tingli). If you do all you homework your chinese will improve a lot but I notice that a lot of students don't do homework so the teacher teach slowly for then, we do a lot of exercices in class. Boya book has 16 lessons, we did only 10 in one semester. 



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