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does this mean?


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As in, do not pass go?

You could just go simple and use something like 不是 or go all bananas and say 你磨阿!

Is this board game designed for young children? Who is the target audience, what is the theme and what game-model does it use? As in, is it more like Monopoly or more like Risk?

Please fill us in, we want to help you, and there are people who know much more Chinese than I do who can help if you could be more specific about what you want. Direct translations almost never work.

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I just need the translation if it actually means "No tolerance"

The thing is, there might several different (but equally valid) translations of the term depending on the meaning of tolerance here. "It's for a board game" is not enough context.

If you can answer the question "no tolerance of what?" it will help people provide a more accurate translation.

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