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ebay.com.tw garbled text e.g. '??????????"


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Has anyone used ebay.com.tw or .com.cn?

Because I sent a question to a seller, and the reply to my hotmail looks like:


I have XP home, with Chinese traditional and simplified enabled, and 'display non-unicode programmes in Chinese' selected. I've also tried changing the character encoding to Traditional Chinese in Firefox... but nothing works.

Does anyone know what's going on please?

(Of course this is all in aid of serious Chinese study and is definitely not so I can buy a cute Japanese skirt...) :D

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Thanks Yonglan, yeah, I like Taiwanese fashion e.g. skirts and really am putting far too much time/effort into buying one through ebay... Still using ebay in Taiwan and the mainland might be good for people overseas for buying books etc., mybe faster than yesasia...

I tried changing the hotmail language but it doesn't make a difference to the '????' text. Have been on the ebay live chat help too and they told me too ask ebay.com.tw...poor Live Chat Help Bloke probably didn't have the faintest idea what I was going on about...

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If I understand you correctly, you received an email from ebay.com.tw to your Hotmail account, yet even after options>languages>traditional Chinese the thing still reads like a bunch of ????????????????

If that's the case, I regret to tell you that I have no idea :lol:

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