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Hunan University, the College of Foreign Languages and its English major


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Hi everyone. I'm doing some research about Hunan University and was hoping some members here who have experience with this uni might be able to answer some specific questions:

1) What kind of stuff is taught in the college of foreign languages in the English major and its English language and literature disciplines? Basically I'd like to know more about the content that is covered and how it is delivered (lecture and tutorial styles, etc).

2) What is the campus itself like? Convenient to reach by public transport? Staff friendly/helpful? Adequate facilities? Etc.

The reason I'm making these enquiries is that I recently did some travelling in Changsha and really liked the city - its interesting design, the people and the food, as well as its laid-back atmosphere - and was curious about applying for a job there teaching English literature. Unfortunately it appears they do not offer translating and/or interpreting courses (my major), though I may be wrong.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any information you can provide! :)

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I've lived in Changsha for a couple of years, but never had much to do with Hunan University. I wrote to a friend whose coffee shop is near the campus, and he said he did know of (local) graduate students who take courses in translation, but didn't know much more about specific majors.

I'd suggest getting in contact with some people directly associated with the school to find out more. You could definitely get a job teaching spoken English, but English literature . . . ?

The campus is on the West side of the city, between the river and Yuelu mountain. I think it would be the nicest part of the city to live in, as the mountain keeps the weather more temperate and there are no tall buildings in that area. Most of the entertainment/dining is on the other side of the river, which can be difficult to cross during rush hour.

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Thanks for the reply hbuchtel. I will get in contact with a few people directly associated with the school soon, but first I just wanted to see if anyone on Chinese-forums had any information.

As a sideline, what do you think of Changsha in general? What do you like about the city, and what do you dislike?


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