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How would you say


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Although the meaning of the word 慢 is "slow" one should be careful when using it in a negative context. The phrase you mentioned actually sounds to me like somebody is not becoming insane fast enough.

We use 慢慢 when we want something to slow down. In the case of insanity, it is probably better to use something that better expresses a gradual process. Try 久久 or better yet, 渐渐。 I would use 渐渐地癫狂 if you are talking about somebody's mental condition.

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Thank you very much. Would 渐渐癫狂 also be correct? I have never before seen an adverb like 渐渐 together with 地.

Just out of curiosity: could I also say 渐渐癫狂起来?

Also, since I am currently working on a presentation in chinese for tomorrow I have come across two more problems:

1.) How would you say "the volume is very loud" (e.g. the volume of a TV)?

2.) How would you say "played often", as in "this song is being played often on TV"?

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