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Language Schools Shenyang


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Hello all,

I became a member of this (very helpful forum) because I've got a very important question. I haven't found an answer yet, that's why I am writing a new topic. If there is already a topic about this, please let me know (and in that cause I appogize for opening this new one;)!

So, during the summer I will spend a few weeks in Shenyang, China. During my time there, I want to improve my chinese (currently I speak some basic). So far I only found one school: Langston Language. Are there more? And if so, does anyone have experience with those other schools? Or with Langston Language?

I am not interested to go to one of the university's in Shenyang.

Thanks in advance for your Answer!


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I live in shenyang and honestly I'm not sure. But, I studied chinese about 6 years ago with one of the guys who runs that school. Good guy, he definitely wouldn't cheat you and the last time I ran into him in a super market and asked him about the school, it seemed like it was a well put together enterprise.

dont know anything else to tell you. universities rule the chinese learning environment in shenyang.

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Does anyone know how I can contact the Langston Language School? Their email and phone contact info is not working. Are they still operating?

(Langston Language , Dongyu Building, 3rd Floor , #2 South Heping Avenue Shenyang, Liaoning, 110003 )



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