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Difference between: 残疾,创伤,毛病


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My teacher gave us the three words as choices for the fill-in-the-blanks below. She tried to explain the meanings to us, but was not very clear.

My textbook said:

残疾 = handicapped (adj, noun)

创伤 = wound

毛病 = defect

My teacher tried to explain:

残疾 = physical "illness" in the sense of a birth defect or disease, and also from an injury (ex amputation)

创伤 = wound, either physical (a cut) or emotional (wounded heart, ie feelings)

毛病 = "just a more formal version of 创伤, but can also be used for some objects)

iirc, She gave the answers to the blanks as: 创伤, 创伤, 残疾, 毛病

1 她身上的________一天一天愈合了,可是心灵的________却一直都在。

2 他的身体有________。

3 我的车突然出了________。


I was hoping to get a more clear explanation of the meanings of the three words and how to use them, please and thank you!

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1 她身上的(创伤)一天一天愈合了,可是心灵的(创伤)却一直都在。(创伤 is for both physical and emotional. so here we can use this.)

2 他的身体有(残疾)。(残疾is disable,so here we can use this, actually, 毛病can alson use here for oral Chinese, we always say 身体有点儿小毛病。)

3 我的车突然出了(毛病)。(毛病is the only one can use for the car. )

Hope my explaination can help you.

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This explanation for 毛病 is no good. “Defect” would be a good equivalent for”缺陷”. ”毛病 “has a much broader sense or usage. See below:

他得了点小毛病. (referring to a minor illness)

你脑子有毛病?(What’s the matter with you?)

这车出了什么毛病?(what’s wrong with this car?)

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I just see 残疾 as "disability".

As for 创伤, it is is often translated as "trauma", and this can be both physical and psychological.

I like shinewind's explanation of 毛病.

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