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Best certification options for a public university in China?


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I am looking for a TEFL (or any other certification that is of equal or superior weight for applying to a public university in China. I have two years of tutoring experience, but no ESL experience, so I want to maximize my chances. Which of the many options (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, etc.) make you the most competitive (and does it matter whether you get one from online or do an intensive course)?

Thank you!

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Depends on what you want to do long term. If you just want to do China for a year or two then settle back home, you could very well bag a job at a uni without one. Depends on the uni and the province. Less risky is doing some form of practical course that gives you a piece of paper- this would be enough to satisfy most places. Wouldn't have to be a full 4 week course.

However, if there's the chance you want to go elsewhere afterwards or make tefl a career, then I'd advise investing in a tefl course to begin. After a few years you could look to upgrade to the CELTA and/or a masters. Be aware that some people think that private language schools in the west or middle east don't 'count' Chinese uni work as its a way of working quite different from elsewhere.

If you just want the adventure now, go ahead and try posting on the main tefl job sites. If you don't get any legit nibbles, then spend the cash. I had a state teaching certificate for primary children (3-12) but got a couple of job offers by the next morning and was away to one of them 2 months later.

Best wishes- very envious.

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