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Da jia hao,

I am looking into enrolling at CUEB since it seems to be the closest university to where we live in BJ. Looking for advice from people who had taken/are taking CUEB's Chinese courses - is the curriculum on par with other U's in BJ? Any additional feedback?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi captainren,

In terms of students who enroll through CUCAS, CUEB is definitely not as popular as places like BLCU and Beida/Tsinghua but we have had good feedback from the small number of students we have sent there. According to our student support, Fiona, one student even went back twice, so he must have been happy. Having said that, there's really not a huge difference between the Chinese courses offered by mainstream public universities in Beijing. So our advice would be to go somewhere that is convenient to get to, especially if you are going to be living off campus.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you Peter, this is definitely helpful. Most certainly, I am not looking for a "popular" course but rather one that I can learn from :)

On another note: are you aware of any other campuses that are located even closer to BDA than CUEB?


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Hello! I'm a second-year student of CUEB. I'm Chinese. I've got acquainted with one of my english teachers who comes from Singapore taking chinese courses. Since CUEB is divided into two parts which separately sit in chaoyang district and fengtai district, so which part are you live in now? And what's your plan about learning chinese? Do you just want to learn chinese or get here for academic degree?

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Hey, sorry I didn't notice that you had already replied! There is one school that is closer, Beijing University of Technology (北工大 - BJUT). Here is the Google Maps location:


BJUT has a 4-month 20hr/week Chinese course but the Spring semester has already started. When were you hoping to start?

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Which part are you live in now? - I live in BDA, closer to Chaoyang

And what's your plan about learning chinese? - full-time university program starting in 2012

Do you just want to learn chinese or get here for academic degree?- only Chinese, no degree.

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OK, I don't know if you have a job in Beijing... If not, you can join CUEB as an foreign teacher and take Chinese courses at the same time. Nearly all foreign teachers in our university are doing this. Or you would be there to have classes as a visiting scholar. Before that, you must be given a test on your present Chinese level. And this is a contact of CUEB international exchange office: Tel: 86-10-65976331 or 65976330

Email: [email protected] [email protected]

And two web sites for you to refer to:

http://cice.cueb.edu.cn/gjjl/16591.htm (being a foreign teacher...)

http://cice.cueb.edu.cn/lxsjy/17490.htm (about language study written in chinese, feel free to contact them if you can't understand...)

post here if you may have more questions, I'll be here to answer them~ :D Good luck with your study!

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I've been granted with a full scholarship to study chinese and do a 2 year master program at the CUEB. This will start on the 1st of September of this year, but I'm not in my home country right now (Colombia) and I won't be able to go back before the 30th of August. I cannot contact the School because they are on summer vacation at the moment, but I wonder if anyone would know of a contact at the school who could provide me with some information about my problem.

When I go to the english webpage I cannot find the MA Development Economics program. Any ideas?

Are the scholarship students provided with Double or Single rooms? If the first one, can I pay for the difference and stay on a Single one?

Thanks a lot for your help!!

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