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Traditional Chinese dictionaries


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As part of a research project I have to source monolingual dictionaries in assorted languages, one of which is traditional (not simplified) Chinese. I'm aware of the Wu-Nan dictionary and the one by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education but would like some other options. Print or online are both acceptable, and ideally they should be fairly up to date and have a reaonable headword count (say at least 40K headwords). Would anyone be able to make me any recommendations? It would be helpful if you could provide the name of the dictionary and perhaps a link to the publisher's website.

I'd be very grateful for any help you could pass on. Thanks in advance.

Mrs M

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You can consider the traditional version of 現代漢語詞典 published by the Commercial Press (Hong Kong) -> http://www.cp1897.co...okId=9620702115

It has a CD version -> http://www.cp1897.co...okId=962070214X

I think it is pretty nice.

I also like 朗文中文高級新辭典 -> http://ilongman.com/...rd=&intPage=1#2

But these dictionaries might not meet your requirements of "fairly up to date" and "reaonable headword count". How do you define headwords here? Does it mean the characters only, or include all the words listed under each character.

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