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Differences Between Fudan And Jiao Tong


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你好 to everybody!

I'd like to introduce myself as a student from Austria. I study business administration and sinology and am majoring in transportation and logistics management.

Short time ago I applied my home university for an exchange semester at Fudan and Jiao Tong. Meanwhile I've been invited to an interview for Jiao Tong (Antai College). She my ask me why I have chosen Antai College, since she doesn't know that I'm applying for Fudan because there is another interviewer for this one. What I want to do is telling her the advantages the Antai College has against the Fudan University, or what advantages Antai has in general compared to the most universities in China (assuming we speak about the top universities).

I find it hard to get information from the university's website, since I can hardly compare the information to other universities. I hope you can give me some Feedback on this!

Thank you and take care!

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paraphrased from here:


basically Fudan is more liberal arts compared to JiaoTong, which is more technical. The author of the post also says that Fudan is going downhill these years and Jiao Tong produces more technically competent people.

Fudan's accounting program is better than Jiao Tong, and Jiao Tong trumps in terms of business management and marketing.

Hope this helps!

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That's not true at all. While Jiaotong might seem like that, the number of Technical majors in both colleges outnumber arts and science majors so it's not like Fudan is a liberal arts school. Also, Fudan has a huge number of graduate students and PhDs.

I wouldn't use any of what is written there. With regards to concentration, maybe and even that is a push.

Fudan is not going down hill. It has mantained a gap in terms of recruitment of talented people and it is still the better school when looking at overall high scorers of gaokao choosing to go there.

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