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What have I done!!


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In fact, there is also an IME (that's the program you need to input Chinese characters) included in Windows.

I actually prefer that one, because it also allows to choose a word's key, which NJ Star, as far as I recall, doesn't.

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:conf:conf:conf have I miss treated any one. What ever I ask about something I get no respone.

No need to be upset, we're responding! :D

If you didn't get replies for your posts, try to think of the right forum for the questions you want to ask, and also how you phrase your questions.

As for inputting Chinese, try any input method you can find until you've found one that works for you. If you have questions about this, ask in the forum "Chinese Computing and Technology". You can also read a lot of useful stuffs there.


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a lot of useful stuffs

is the use of plural stuffs intentional. I'm not trying to jump on any honest mistake (i make so many mistakes when posting in this forum that i would really hate if people pointed them out)if thats what it is. Just that i saw that you are from britain and i am just curious if stuff can be pluralized in brittish english. :D

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:help I'm having a time trying to work NJstar I'm waiting to hear from the company to help me more, I can't seen to write. When I go though tutorial I hit key and it does't open unless I use the right side on mouse, then I still can't write. Any thought you can say would be very helpful.


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Have a look at the little button on the left-bottom corner of the NJ Star window, you will see that by clicking on it you can toggle English and Chinese input. If the button says 英文 ascii then you can type English as on a normal word processor. To enter Chinese, you have to click on that button. Then it will alternatively change to 字詞拼音 and 南極連拼. These are two methods of inputting Chinese characters (there are more methods that you can select from the Input menu, but don't worry about them). I recommend you use the second (南極連拼) method. That way if you want to type 中國 you have to type zhong1 and hit enter when you see the 中 character. If that character is not the first one to appear, you can continue browsing through all the characters that are pronounced zhong1 by hitting the space bar. Then, to enter 國 you will need to type guo2 and hit the space bar until the charactyer 國 appears.

NJ Star will also recognise common two character combinations, so in the case of 中國, just typing zhongguo will give you the two characters.

The Windows IME system, if you want to install it, works in a very similar way, and allows you to type Chinese directly into any Windows programs. If you use NJ Star, you have to copy and paste the text into other applications. Personally, I feel more comfortable using NJ Star, but it may be just my habit.

As for the lack of replies to your questions, don't take it as anything personal. Sometimes people don't reply because they don't know how to answer a question. That's often the case if you ask something very vague. Also, I would recommend you should be a bit more careful with your spelling. A post with a lot of spelling mistakes reveals a certain lack of thought, as if you're asking the first thing that comes through your mind, and your post may be taken less seriously because of that.

Anyway, we all make mistakes when we write, so don't worry too much about that. Many of us are not native speakers of English and our grammar is far from flawless.

Oh, and the native speakers of English themselves never seem to be able to spell words like "definitely" or "its". :D

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