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Is anyone arriving around June 22 to start at NTNU?


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Hello, I'm arriving in Taipei on June 23, a week before NTNU classes start. I'l be there for the two month summer session. Does anyone have recommendations on things to do during the week? If you'll be there at the same time, I'd also love to meet up for coffee or to go sightseeing around the city.

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I'm around, though I do have class (3-month summer term) at that time.

Make sure to hit up the National Palace Museum (故宮博物院). On a clear day, go see Taipei 101, just because it's one of those places you have to see and odds are you won't take the time to once class starts. Wander around NTNU (everyone calls it Shī Dà 師大) and find some places to eat, because it's a pain when your time is limited and you have no idea what's around. Unfortunately several good restaurants were recently forced to close by the gummint, but there are still several good places. You can ask any of the students hanging out around MTC about good places to eat, or if your Chinese is good enough you can ask a Taiwanese person. Or do what I did and just go in and order something.

Speaking of food, pick a night market, wait until you're really hungry, and then go try everything that looks good or interesting or weird. Go with friends so you can all share, and that way you can try more things. Look for long lines, but don't limit yourself to only what's super popular. Try all the milk teas and fruit juices and smoothies you can, they're all cheap and good. Just don't pick Shi Da night market, because you'll be there all the time anyway. Also, get some friends together (and preferably at least one Taiwanese person because they'll know what to order) and go to a 熱炒 place. It's about as Taiwanese an experience as I can think of. There's a good one called 八仙炭炒 on Xinsheng S. Road (新生南路), just south of Xinyi Road (信義路). It's walking distance from MTC, and really good.

I just realized most of this post was about food. Welcome to Taiwan! :mrgreen:

Get in touch when you get here!

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