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Can anyone recommend a good flash card software either on-line or to purchase ?

I kind of feel uncomfortable carrying boxes of cards around with me on the bus/train, and am looking for a solution either on my Symbian Series 60 mobile phone and/or Pocket PC.

I'm studying simplified characters and words.



Hong Kong

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I've been using Declan's Chinese FlashCards for about half a year, and in my opinion it is a good application. There is a demo version available, so you can try it out before you by. It is reasonably priced, I think. There is a separate version available for PocketPC, I haven't tried that one though.

It is very easy to create your own lists, which is something I do all the time. Somehow handwritten lists are not an option when it comes to learning Chinese characters, I can't be bothered with that anyway. 8)


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Thanks Jockster. The problem that I had with the Cedan demo was creating the tones for my own flashcard words. For some reason it accepts a straight pinyin format e.g. fēicháng róngyì, but for the tone exercise it needs fe1cha2ng ro2ngyi4 instead which is too impractical for me to do all the time given the number of words.

How did you get around this ?

Also, are you creating words with the sound ?

I plan to give the PocketPC version a try once I get my PDA back from a friend, and maybe try it out on a Windows Mobile device to see if it is compatible.


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