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Traditonal Chinese Medicine: Clinical conversations!


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When I attended TCM school we were given the option to learn some basic Chinese. However after that, at least in the United States, the majority of students do not continue their chinese language study.

It is my personal desire to continue to study chinese and to increase my vocabulary in the area of Doctor/Patient relationships so that I may communicate with the chinese speaking population as they come to see me.

I found a good book titled:


汉英 针灸 临证会话



Traditional Chinese Medicine,

Acupuncture-Moxibustion and

Chinese Massage Clinical


I am including in here some sample vocabulary and dialogues between Doctor and patients with the hope that others will either recommend other books or add to the vocabulary and expressions.

感冒 Common cold

哮哨 Asthma

胃痛 Stomach ache

便秘 Constipation

痢疾 Dysentery

黄疽 Jaundice

心悸 Palpitation

失眠 Insomnia

头痛 Headache

眩晕 Dizziness

中风后遗症 Sequela of Wind Stroke:

癫痫 Epilepsy

面瘫 Facial Paralysis

三叉神经痛 Trigeminal Neuralgia

Here I include some conversations taken out of


Doctor, What's wrong with you?


Patient, I have a cold.


Doctor, How long have you had it?


Patient, For two days.


Doctor, where are you uncomfortable?


Patient, I have fever and a headache.


Doctor, Have you had your temperature taken?



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Sorry I don't have any books to recommend, but wanted to ask if you have spent time in China before? If not, it would certainly be worth the time and expense, spending even a couple months would be great for your spoken chinese.

Most TCM Universities have short term programs for foreign students/ practitioners of TCM. Quite cheap compared to programs in the US.

Shangdong (http://www.sdutcm.edu.cn/waishi/english/index.htm)

Nanjing (http://www.njutcm.edu.cn/eindex.htm)

Chengdu (http://www.cdutcm.edu.cn/english/all.htm)

Beijing (http://www.bjucmp.edu.cn/english/index.htm)

Guangzhou (http://www.gzhtcm.edu.cn/eindex/index.htm)


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Flu - Influenza is 流行性感冒

quote] they tell me the same word for "cold" which is very different in English...

Maybe. 99.8% of English speakers who call in sick to work, claiming to have flu', have a cold, if anything at all!

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Old thread, but I didn't want to create a new one... I am looking to study tui na (Chinese Massage therapy) in China or Hong Kong (sometimes they have putonghua courses too). The course includes basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I will need to acquire TCM vocab before I start the course, since my current Chinese is only suitable for daily life and wushu training....

There are books in China like 中医英语, there are also TCM dictionaries Ch-Eng and Eng-Ch, can anyone recommend a SPECIFIC book or a dictionary? May be there is something online already? thanks

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