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Earthquakes in Shanghai?


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As a 21 year old preparing to go to Shanghai this August, I would like to know as to whether Shanghai has any history of earthquakes occuring, and what types of precaustions does one need to take, generally in the sense of:

1. Whether it is safe to drink tap water

2. What types of food to watch out for, perhaps not to eat

3. Scams and trickery foreigners are prone to

4. The law in China, how to best live with it and things to watch out for

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Hi Imron! I have done that and I'm not getting any clear answers from my research. I don't think I am asking for too much by asking what people could know? Half the things that people discuss and ask on these forums can be googled, but we still ask each other, or ?'.....

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I have done that and I'm not getting any clear answers from my research

In that case it's generally better to at least show that you've done that research by stating what you have already learnt and asking specific questions about the things that are unclear and why you think they are unclear, rather than asking overly broad questions that will just result in people answering like this:

shanghai earthquakes

shanghai tap water

shanghai food safety

shanghai scams

I don't see how my own findings if I had any, should affect what you might know

It generally makes a big difference in terms of how people respond to your post. People are usually more willing to help people who show they have already tried to solve a problem but got stuck at some point, rather than those people who give no indication that they've made any of their own effort into finding an answer. This is especially so for very general topics like the ones you have listed in your original post.

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