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Chinese Language Program @ Fudan University (September 2012)


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Hi everyone,

I'll be attending CLP at Fudan University starting September 2012. I thought it would be great to start a discussion so we can help each other out by answering questions, etc.

First, has anyone gotten their admission package yet? Can we reserve a dormitory room in advance?

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Hey guys, thought I'd jump in here really quick.

I'll be studing my MA for 2 years starting this september on a full scholarship. It includes accommodation and as far as I know the registration day is September 1 (saturday).

I'll have to fly business class due to the amount of baggage etc and the cheapest fare is for August 30, Thursday.

I wonder if I'll definitely have to stay in a hotel for a few days or I get accommodation from school (I guess it'll be automatically reserved for me as a full scholarship student). Will I be able to move in right away before the registration day or after?

I know I could dial a number but I don't wanna be too annoying to them. Currently waiting for my admission package that I'll apparently get in 1-2 weeks.

Thanks a lot guys! Looking forward to meeting you!



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Hm... It appears that way, perhaps it has something to do with relationships between universities and ensuring exchange students get priority?

Seems a bit odd to have such spaced out registration dates though.

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Hi Everyone!

I'm also going to be taking the Chinese Language Program at Fudan starting Sept 2012! I've applied for a semester so far, and thought I'd just extend it with another semester afterwards if necessary. I'm looking into renting out a room in an apartment instead of in the dorm. Do any of you know what area would be good to live in? I'm thinking of looking for something when I get to Shanghai, as I have accomodation for the first 2 weeks that I'm there sorted, but don't know if this is very difficult? Just thought it'd be nicer to know the area and maybe meet some people to live with!

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