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Recently I have bought two 朗文中文高級新辭典(第二版) (ISBN 9620051521), one for myself and the other for my niece. It is new, modern, in traditional Chinese, with hanyu pinyin, zhuyin fuhao, cantonese pronunciations, cangji codes and about 60,000 entries with good explanations. I spent hours in a Commercial Press bookstore browsing through all kinds of Chinese-Chinese dictionaries and chose this one. And I recommend it.

skylee! i have received this dictionaries!! They are wonderful!! I literally spent hours browsing it yesterday. It's wonderful!

Thank you for the recommendations!!! I owe you so much! :clap

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Disenchant, for 漢語大詞典 take a look at this. You can buy it on-line from the HK Commercial Press (when you are using this kind of dictionaries I think you will have no problems reading a Chinese website). The cost is USD370 plus shipping charge. The dictionay is in simplified Chinese.

Or you might consider its CD-ROM version, which is only USD128 plus shipping charge. This version is in traditional Chinese.

HK Commercial Press is a reliable book store/publisher. I haven't used its on-line service though.

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Does the Longman one include Cantonese pronunciation on top of pinyin?

the one you have now is also a Longman (郎文, cantonese pronounciation).

i call it Skylee's Dictionary. :mrgreen: which Longman are you talking about? is there another version?

one more thing i am so happy about is the back of Skylee's Dictionary.

it show pictures of artifacts and native people in China. i want to visit the countryside and travel the silk road when i go to China next year.


ok, i'll be quiet now. :D

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These two dictionaries (Chinese-Chinese) are worth considering -

漢語成語詳解詞典 (in traditional Chinese, with about 2500 entries, published by the Commercial Press (Hong Kong))

成語熟語詞典 (in traditional Chinese, with about 7500 entries, published by the Commerical Press (Beijing))

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Get a dictionary when you're a beginner or a veteran, it's just good to have at any stage.

As for good dictionaries, I noticed that the online ones suck a little too, so I've made my own that allows phrase based searching of CEDICT. What I mean is you can search for a sequence of english words, pinyin words or characters anywhere (in the middle of a word/definition, etc). I found it very useful for getting things like, all idioms with a certain character.

Unfortunately, I don't have a good host for it yet. After I get a job I'll finish it up and post a link though.

Another neat thing I wanted to do was have it scour google for new words too :) but i guess that's hopeful.

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many dictionaries are FREE, so there is no incentive to make good dictionaries. mine is also pretty bad, but it is not designed for reference. it is designed for simple uses and people who want to see LARGE characters.

try this...

1. enter a word

2. get the translation

3. search it on google or timway...


4. try to search dictionaries better than mine

sample search:


http://chinese.primezero.com/pzcdz/u.php?search=ye+li%3B (one of my favorite searches) :lol:

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