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Nokia 6108


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I bought myself a Nokia 6108 mobile phone a few weeks ago - it's a great tool for helping you learn chinese as it has a Chinese-English-Chinese dictionary included. It also has a writing pad where you can actually write the characters in and the dictionary tells you the English meaning - slight limitation is that it doesn't give you the pinyin, but a lot of the time I know what the characters are anyway . . .eg went to the shops today to buy a stapler but didn't know what the chinese was, so checked my handy cell phone dictionary to find out that it is 订书机 . . . cool. It's also got a basic but handy organiser . . . . and serves as a pretty useful phone as well. :clap

Anyone else using a similar device to learn the Language?

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I'm using a Nokia 7610 which I regularly use to type chinese (via pinyin) to friends and my mandarin teacher. It also came with a dictionary, so no problems here. I also use the built in camera to take pictures of chinese text that I can study at my leisure anywhere.

My only gripes with the Nokia N7610 is that it doesn't have a suitable flashcard program for it, web based flashcard programs don't work with all the different browsers I have tried, and I can't read Chinese word documents. (even after shelling out US$20 for QuickWord).

I'm looking at the newer Windows Mobile devices as a replacement, but right now, they are quite expensive, so will probably wait.

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I have also the 7610 bought in China.

It seems it doesnt support chinese completely...

Ive put chinese mp3's on it but it doesnt display chinese characters on my mobile. Besides does someone know where to download free software for the 7610. I accidently erased the dictionary!!! :wall

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