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MS IME selector font size


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Hi! 你們好!

I couldn't find anything on this. Does anyone know if there is a way to increase the font size in the selector of the IME? On my systems, at least, it uses 8-point. I'm just a beginner, so it is usually very difficult for me to be able to pick out which teeny-tiny character is the correct one when the IME presents the different options for the pinyin I've entered, especially if it's a complex character with two or three internal characters. I very frequently wind up just picking one, looking at it in the application's larger font, and then having to go back to the menu, picking the next one, over and over until I've found the right one.

I'd love to be able to have it larger and scale it down over time as I learn. :) *shrug* Maybe having it teeny is helping me learn to recognize the characters more quickly! :wink:

I've looked through all the options/properties pages, and even went through the Registry looking for it. (I'm on Windows XP.) I did notice that the Japanese IME does have a selector font size setting. How'd they get so lucky?!

謝謝! :)

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