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Materials for teaching laowai children Chinese?


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So, I'm gonna be teaching at least three different groups of children. One group of preschoolers (4-5 years old), one primary school group (ages 6-12), and one 'youth' group (ages 12-16).

I've been looking at some of the books on aprendechinohoy.com, and although a few of them look interesting there aren't many reviews, so it is hard to get a good idea of which products are the best. I'm in Spain and I will be teaching to Spanish children, which complicates it a bit. For the preschoolers I plan on using mostly Chinese and body language/context in class to illustrate simple words, but for the primary school group and the 'youth' group I will be teaching Chinese through Spanish (my Spanish isn't fluent, but it is good enough to explain the various concepts that we will be covering).

So: does anybody have recomendations for children's textbooks/workbooks or other materials?

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I like 美猴王汉语 for the kindergarteners - don't know if it comes in Spanish, I'm in Atlanta USA. I prefer the school age version over the Kindergarten version and it works well for the little ones especially in combination with movement and card games ( I make the cards myself copying from the book). Since it operates on the word level it will be easy to adapt even if it doesn't come in Spanish. For the Primary school children I use 汉语乐园 and also add games and cultural activities. For Middle school and High school age I think 体验汉语 is the best. I've also looked at the books for younger students from this series and I like them but haven't used them yet.

Good Luck!

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