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HSK test by computer input/ 网络考试 - where?


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Hi, I would like to do the HSK 3 or 4. But I would prefer the computer/internet version of the test 网络考试 to the traditional handwritten paper and pencil version 纸笔考试. Is there a list somewhere which test centers in Europe (or, preferably, Germany) offer the HSK 网络考试? I already phoned three test centers in Germany (Konfuzius Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt) but they didn't even know the computer input version of the HSK exists.

Thank you !!


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法国 Poitiers 法国普瓦提埃大学孔子学院(网考) HSK , YCT , HSKK

新汉语水平考试HSK 2012-12-1

You might want to check with them...

[Edit] how to find such things:

Open the chinesetesting.cn website in simplified Chinese,

in the 考点信息 tab, select 欧洲 and HSK, leave the other fields blank.

Then search for 网考 in every result page (13 pages as of tonight, only 1 hit!) with your browser's search function.

Oh, apparently you can also open the site in English, and search for "Internet"...

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